Textdrip works with Leadmaster CRM

Textdrip works with Leadmaster CRM

Textdrip works with Leadmaster CRM 150 150 TextDrip

Leadmaster is a CRM that can be used to manage customer relationships, sales pipeline and prospects. By logging into Leadmaster you will have access to your Leadmaster dashboard which includes all of your Leadmaster leads. You can then easily add Leadmaster crm leads to Textdrip with one click using the Textdrip Chrome extension or Firefox extension. With one click the leads will be added to Textdrip and a text drip campaign will be applied to the lead. They can then message using Textdrip’s easy-to-use web messaging, Iphone app, or android app!

Textdrip also work with HST Leadmaster to add leads to the beautiful Textdrip platform. If you are only wanting to test out adding your HST Leadmaster leads to Textdrip you can also sign up for 50 cents for the first week on the Textdrip platform and give it a try! After that, Textdrip is just $10 a month and 1.2 cents for every outbound message.

Textdrip has the best deliverability of any texting platform. Can you afford to spend another day with blocked or throttled messages on your current platform? With Textdrip there are never any contracts so we have to deliver on our promise of results every day!

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