How to get more leads with Textdrip

How to get more leads with Textdrip

How to get more leads with Textdrip 150 150 TextDrip

Many people have heard of a service called Textdrip, and it’s true that if you can use Textdrip to generate new exclusive leads.

The first step is to buy bulk inexpensive aged leads. I bought the leads from a well-known lead seller, and paid $0.02/lead. That means for about $4000, I got 10,000 aged leads.

I then created a text drip campaign that periodically sends messages to the leads asking if they need my help. I upload the list of leads using the CSV upload tool and the Autoreply tool located at https://csv.textdrip.co/index.php/autoreply/leads?token=. In the Autoreply tool there is a place to enter an endpoint for your CRM. This is a link that is used to send new leads to your CRM.

If a new lead replies back with a positive message then the autoreply will send a message to the lead and then load them into your CRM as a new lead. And just like that you’re automatically creating new exclusive leads from aged leads.

Textdrip is an awesome service with many features and tools. Give it a try today, and you will have your own self generated new leads